My Daughter's An Engineer (Pride Goeth...)
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2001 89 in x 89 in

This quilt’s visual illusion was extremely difficult technically, taking two to three years to complete with its trapezoidal pieces radiating out in arms starting at the center with tiny 1/4 inch squares.

Knot What She Seams
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2012 71 in x 71 in

This quilt utilizes an interwoven motif reminiscent of designs known as Celtic Knots, while also evoking a feeling of Chinese designs.

Fishing Sea Sun
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2003 92 in x 84 in

The artist used strips of fabric like strokes of paint to create this quilt made for the artist’s eldest son, an avid fisherman.

Gassho, Van Gogh!
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2006 52 in x 59 in

This quilt was an excruciating, but exhilarating, exercise in “painting” with fabric using 3/4 inch finished squares as pixels in an attempt to humbly re-create Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” in fabric.

Inner Sanctum (Tut-Tut)
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2009 87 in x 87 in

This quilt was inspired by Egyptian tile work and the central motif is machine trapunto.

The Spirit of Klee Wyck
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2015 52 in x 93.5 in

This quilted wall hanging was inspired by an abstract work of British Columbia artist Emily Carr using small hexagon pieces all hand pieced, taking more than a year to complete and then intricately machine quilted.

Paths De Deux (A Change In The Wind)
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2013 78 in x 78 in

This quilt was a commission whose patrons asked for an organic rather than geometric quilt to symbolize their relationship and contains areas of trapunto and very dense quilting.

Spinning Suns
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2009 54 in x 54 in

This quilt again uses strips of fabric in the manner of strokes of paint to created a vibrant explosive image.

What The Honey Bee Sees
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2014 64 in x 52 in

This quilt utilizes the artist’s approach of hand-piecing small hexagon pieces as pixels to create a rich and beautiful wall hanging with a wide variety of machine quilting emphasizing the textures of the flowers.

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2010 81 in x 81 in

This quilt is a whole-cloth quilt in the style of a “Quilt of Provence”, very heavily quilted, with hand and machine trapunto accents.

Zero Percent Contained
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2009 61 in x 59 in

This quilt is a favorite of the artist’s husband.

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